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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:04 am

Exactly what the the topic is, this is all the rules and guildelines for this site, more will come over time but for the moment this are the rules you MUST OBEY.

1.No Flaming. do not try and insult other members. I understand that some members will get under your skin, but please don't go there, i will not allow insult directed towards a member or a member of staff, this goes for both members and staff, there will be no line when it comes to this.

2.No Flamebaiting. Don't try and provoke other members into flaming you. This will lead to nowhere fast and will get you and the other member including staff members in to huge problems and it makes the other members uncomfortable something i will not allow.

3.Obey Staff. I can't stress this enough if a staff member asks you to do something, do it. If you do have a probably with a staff member including admins, please do not be afraid to pm me or another admin, so we can deal with it correctly, please don't take it into your own hands this will only lead to problems for you or even be banned from this site.

4. No Advertising. Failure to follow this rule will result in either a warning or a ban, this includes, but is not limited to, via PM, post, chat, C-Box or instant messenger.

5. No Exchanging Characters. As soon as your character is accepted, you cannot discard them and apply for a different character, this includes all characters. this is meant for both staff and non staff members. Exceptions may or may not be made at my discretion.

6. Post Legibly. All in-character posts must be legible, with good capitalization, punctuation and spelling, please take advantage of the spell check button if you are unsure of your grammar.

7. No Necroposting. Posting in a thread which hasn't been replied to in over a week will result in a 30% warning, this rule does not apply to roleplaying or sticky/announcement threads. If there is a thread you would like to post in regardless of this rule, PM me and ask that I make an exception.

8. No Spoilers. If you wish to post spoilers please do so as follows, either clearly distinguish a large space between your post and spoilers.




Or use the following tag:

(Spoiler), then use the colors list to change the font color to black.

Have fun.


Second Character Requirements

These are the requirements for creating a second character.

1. You cannot created a character of higher rank then your first character.{ex. if you have a jounin character you can't make another jounin or S-Class character, the highest you can go is Chuunin.}

2. You're only allowed one character per village.

3. You cannot even think about creating a second character without admin approval ONLY no other level of staff can approve a member to do this., and the admin must sign off saying they gave you this permission.


C-Box Rules

1. NO SPAMMING. Please spamming lags the C-Box which delays members message and is very annoying you will be warned once if it happens again you will be kick off the C-Box the third time will be a bann from the C-Box for a set period of time.
2. I do understand that you guys want to learn your jutus or get your charcater approved quickly, but please limit yourself from asking on the C-Box for a move to be approved or looked at if it has been long then 2 or 3 days since its been looked that, then by all means ask a member of staff or me to take a look at it, but don't hassle us on the C-Box if you just did it to hurry up and approve it, if this is done there will be a 3 day delay of it being looked at.

For now that is all the rules more will be added over time so pay attention to this. But most of all just have fun.

You must also abide by the Forum Rules within the C-Box.
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Rules and Guidelines
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