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 Weapons of A Kage ^^

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Lord Kuro

Lord Kuro

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PostSubject: Weapons of A Kage ^^   Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:42 pm

~Weapons Used by Kuro Hishikami~
[Still Will not let me put in pics so for now I do apologize]

Normal Ninja Equipment
    .30 Kunai
    .40 Shuriken
    .20 Explosive Tags
    .10Smoke Bombs
    .20 more blank Notes Kept in Sleeves
    .5 rolls of 40 meter Wire, Kept in Robes

Name: Staff of Eternal Peace
Rank A
Type: Staff
Appearance: Staff Here
Special Abilities:
This is no regular staff. Of course it comes across as a tool to assist an old man walking, however it serves another purpose. It has a special Elemental affinity for Katon, and when attacks C rank and Lower are set it’s way, the user can absorb the chakra through the staff’s mouth and use it in two ways. either store it in the staff to use in sending it’s own jutsu, or transfer it to someone or himself.

The second ability of this staff is to cast powerful yellow flames from it’s mouth. This uses the C level chakra form the user to cast A level rank flame. Also because of the elemental affinity it is resistant to fire and becomes accustomed to the users chakra passing through it, and when lost, can be summoned by sheer will back to the user.

Name: Yama Kobushi (Mountain Fists)
Rank A
Type: war Hammer
Special Abilities:
These hammers require great strength to even lift, let alone use to their full potential. Kuro is so powerful he can hold on in each hand and one is roughly 4 feet long by itself. They are incredibly durable and appear to have a doton affinity. It is said that if he here to simply drop one it would crack and crate an indent in the ground. He can hit the ground with these hammers, or one, and pushing chakra through it, can send a stream of earth, in the form of what looks like something digging through the ground, in the direction he hit, and a solid hit of both hammers can shatter the ground all around Kuro, sending up large slits in the earth and making it rise and fall in different places, almost like someone taking the ground and shaking it like it was a rug. These hammers are kept, sealed in the seal at the base of his neck.
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Weapons of A Kage ^^
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